great white sharks

great white


truth, facts & myths

today, the watermen project’s team looks back at almost four decades of advocating for the conservation of sharks and our oceans. what started out as a chance-encounter for one of our founding members, developed into a quest to reshape our attitude towards sharks and marine life in general. diving most of the world’s seas has allowed us to witness the grave challenges our oceans face today: reefs that were once home to abundant fish schools, sharks and marine mammals have been turned into underwater deserts…

using, tried and true, freediving skills we have honed in the field and the world’s competitive arena enables our team to the realization of challenging conservation projects, some of which have lead to the creation of marine protected areas and increased protection of sharks. as a team of professional freedivers, iucn ambassadors and explorers we leverage our collective profile to dispel longstanding myths and reconnect audiences with the sea.

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