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To Touch, Or Not To Touch, That Is The Question

With its eyes focused and its wings spread out the ray veils the sun. As the diver disappears beneath the giant shaddow of a manta ray, he has a decision to make. He senses the animal's genuine curiosity and feels drawn to it by a...


Great White Shark 3D

In 2012 William Winram led a Watermen Project expedition to the home of the biggest great white sharks in the world - Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The renowned filmmakers Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell captured The Watermen Project's efforts to study one of the most maligned...


Komodo – A Paradise Under Pressure

In 2017, together with a team of scientists, divers and filmmakers, the Watermen Project team embarked on a quest to study Indonesia’s iconic manta rays and Komodo dragons, and how plastic pollution is threatening their survival. Their underwater skills allowed them to capture this adventure...